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Carmen Amara is the founder of Amara 360 Fitness TM. Since a very young age, Carmen Amara has been involved in taking care of her body. With an extensive background in all types of dance, she was a cheerleader from elementary school to college and was nominated “Cheerleader of the State” from NCA. Intrigued about gaining knowledge in the proper biomechanics of exercise and eager to learn the fundamentals of sound nutrition, Carmen became a certified fitness trainer with one of the leading schools in the fitness industry, ISSA, and was nominated as “Spotlight Trainer of the Month” in, a prestigious online fitness magazine. With a deep interest in health and fitness (and the body and stamina to prove it), she bases her way of life on the Vedantic philosophy in which the goal is a state of self-realization and cosmic consciousness. Following her calling to help and heal others, Carmen’s energy and passion for wellness makes her a dynamic force in the fitness industry. Combining her dance background with the dynamics of body weight training, cirque, dance, gymnastic elements in order to make the session unique and full of energy, she also merges the disciplines and practices of Yoga into her training, embracing the original traditions of the practice in order to combine the physical, spiritual, and mental aspects of oneself. In addition, Carmen is certified in Universal Usui Reiki & Energy Healing by the Douglas Institute, and Jed Shlackman. She practices a natural, mind-body approach to weight loss and overall health. Carmen believes in looking at the big picture and in working to make positive lifestyle changes for optimal results. Carmen is known worldwide for optimal conditioning.