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Born in Gibson, British Columbia Ariel grew up in Kitsilano, Vancouver. He moved to Costa Rica to connect with his mother’s roots. Where he found his passion for martial arts and made it his profession. Ariel became Costa Rica’s first Mixed Martial Arts Champion. Which opened doors to travel around the world. His career has inspired and motivated so many along the way. He is top ranked for one of the largest MMA promotions in the world. His experience includes participating in two MMA Reality Shows. His nickname is “Tarzan”, the wild man from the jungle with the highest vibration. Ariel trains in the US and travels to Asia for competitions and events constantly. He is one of the top lightweight contenders in the world and is the most demanded Brazilian Jiu Jitsu professor. Nothing makes him happier than changing someone’s life with the way of BJJ. Nutrition and Training are key to his performance and vital to his lifestyle. Ariel is proud to represent Vibrant Health as one of his most important allies.