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Vibrant Health would like to challenge our customers! We challenge you to find a more complete nutritional supplement, compared to our current Maximum Vibrance formula. If you do, we will BUY it for you.  To qualify as “more complete”, the product needs to:

*A More complete Nutritional Supplement qualifies as having all of the following when compared to our current version of Maximum Vibrance®

  • More Ingredients
  • More Probiotics
  • Higher Potencies of Protein & Organic Multivitamins (Food Sourced)


Additionaly, the product must be available for purchase at a location where Vibrant Health products are sold.

Submissions must include the product name and a link to the product’s full disclosure ingredient list (no proprietary blends).

We are waiting to hear from you.

Submit your MAX Challenge via email to

This challenge will run until 12/31/2016. Get your entry in today!